HorseShoe Scratch Card Review

HorseShoe Scratch Card Review

HorseShoe Scratch Card









  • Quality Design
  • Low Ticket Cost
  • Increase Chances Of Winnings
  • Instant winnings


  • Ticket Comes in lots
  • Some Countries Not Accepted

Online and offline scratch cards are more popular all over the world now. Why are online scratch cards more popular? According to our research, we found that due to its instant win as well as players won’t need to wait long for its results. That’s the reason why scratch cards are so popular worldwide. Here we are going to review Horseshoe Scratch Card, this digital scratch card is developed and designed by Gamevy, a British-based online gaming developing company.

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Where Can I Play HorseShoe Scratch Card Online?

During present era lots of websites are offering online scratch card options for players. As a results lots of scam are arising, so before you play research about its trustworthiness. According to our research, you can play online scratch card at Thelotter website. They offer a wide variety of online lottery and scratch card games for players.

HorseShoe Digital Scratch Card Prizes and RTP Percentage

In horseshoe Digital Scratch Card you can win up to €1000. HorseShoe one card will cost you €0.10, Cards are normally sold in lots of 20, 35, and 50 on the Lotter website. Players from US, IL, CZ, CH, LI, AU, FR, CA, PL, RO, BG, GR, SL and TR are not accepted. This Scratch Card has an RTP of 50.25%, which seems not too bad. Below table explains prizes of 20 tiers of horseshoe scratch card.

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Tier Odds of Winning Amount (€)
1 1: 100,000 € 1,000.00
2 1: 50,000 € 200.00
3 1: 33,333 € 100.00
4 1: 25,000 € 50.00
5 1: 6,667 € 20.00
6 1: 1,000 € 2.00
7 1: 143 € 0.50
8 1: 27 € 0.30
9 1: 12 € 0.10
10 1: 7 € 0.02

Horseshoe Scratch Card Conclusion

Let’s Conclude, the main specialty of this scratch card game is its graphics done by gamevy. Another thing which attracts us is its price range. A horseshoe scratch card is suitable and affordable for common players. They can try luck for a small sum of €0.10 per card and win up to €1,000. Visit Horseshoe Scratch Card Game at the lottery website and you can try a demo play as well. You can find the demo play button on the top right side of the game.

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